Surprise Sponge Bob

One of our best sellers, Chupa Chups Surprise, together with Sponge Bob. 12 collectable characters with Sponge Bob and his friends.

Format: 6 x 16

Mini tin Sponge Bob

Our collectable Chupa Chups Minitin with a unique Sponge Bob design. Each tin contains 16 assorted lollipops.

Format: 6 x 16 with display tray

Sponge Bob Lollibox

A small container with nice Sponge Bob designs were kids can keep their lollipop for a while and continue consuming it afterwards.

Format: 6 x 24 with display tray

Sponge Bob 3D puzzle

A credit card with a Sponge Bob puzzle. Push the pieces out of the card and start constructing your character.

Format: 6 x 24 display

Sponge Bob lollibox write Sponge Bob football Tóóóót

A small whistle with a powerful sound. The sound of the horn is amazingly loud and there is the possibility to have different Sponge Bob designs..

Format: 6 x 12 display